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제목 Pre-Owned(School Bus) Sale Tender Notice
작성자 skisgo
작성일자 2020-01-22
카테고리 SKIS

Pre-Owned(School Bus) Sale Tender Notice


1. Tender Details

A. Subject Name: Sale of School Bus

B. Details of the Product to be Sold (Vehicle)

Date Purchased

(Year Purchased)

COE Expiry Date

(Vehicle Registration Certification)

Vehicle Number


Bought Price


Car Manufacturer

Vehicle Condition









C. Tender Submission Period 2020.1.23.(Thu) 10:00 ~ 2020.1.29.(Wed) 10.00

D. Bidding Date: 2020. 1. 29(Wed) 11:00

E. Location for Submission of Tender Documents: Singapore Korean International School Admin Office (71 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289759)

F. Location for Tender Opening: Singapore Korean International School's Tender Processing Officer

G. Vehicle Parking Location: School Parking Lot


2. Tender Bidding Method: Normal Competitive Bidding

3. Determining the Winning Bidder

In accordance with the provisions of Article 41 of the Nation's Enforcement Decree of the Act on Contracts, if there are more than one qualified bid, the highest bidder above the scheduled price shall be decided as the winner.

4. Sale Contract and Payment Method

The winning bidder must conclude signing of the contract within seven days of the winning bid date, and the winning bidder must make payment of the sales price and take over the vehicle within 10 February 2020 to 19 February 2020.


5. Other information to note

A. There will be no onsite explanation carried out separately, and no objections should be raised regarding the condition of the vehicle after the bid, so the bidder must check the condition of the vehicle at the Vehicle Parking Location (71 Bukit Tinggi Road Singapore 289759) before participating in the bid.

B. Please be aware that the vehicle is a used vehicle while participating in the bid, therefore should there be in any reasons that the vehicle is faulty or __ after the purchase is made, our school will be not be held responsible.

C. The winning bidder shall take over the sold vehicle in the storage area (to bring Identification Card), and the winning bidder shall be responsible for all matters such as loss of the vehicle or accident occurring after the acquisition.

D. The winning bidder shall bear the cost of the transfer of ownership and all other related charges, transport, and processing from the point of the transfer of the vehicle.

E. Other enquiries

- For other tender related enquiries, please contact the school's admin office



2020. 1. 22.


Singapore Korean International School


Please refer to the attached file.

20200122_차량매각 공고문1.pdf
200122 입찰서(서식).pdf
School bus picture.pdf