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제목 Bidding Announcement of School Bus Purchase
작성자 skisgo
작성일자 2020-01-02
카테고리 SKIS

Submission of Bidding Participation Paper

A. Submit Paper : Bid Application Form, Memorandum of Bidding Deposit Payment, Bizfile

B. Bidding submission period : 2 Jan 2020 16:00 ~ 10 Jan 2020 10:00

C. Bidding submission Place : Singapore Korean International School Admin Office

D.  Basic amount:  $144,988 

The submitted Bidding Paper cannot be modified or cancelled.

Before submitting Bidding Participation Paper, the company has to visit school and check the statement of paper.

Please refer to the attached file. 


200102 [붙임1] 재공고문.pdf
200102 [붙임2] 과업지시서.pdf
200102 [붙임3] 규격서.pdf